Dr. Sindhu Abraham TeleVisit Patient Process

With the recent developments surrounding Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the recognized importance of eliminating in-person contact as much as possible, Dr. Abraham is now offering new & existing patients telemedicine services. We will do our best to accommodate rescheduling appointments in this difficult period and arrange for virtual visits (subject to approval by your individual insurance plan).

What is a TeleVisit?
TeleVisits are a safe and secure way for you to connect to Dr. Abraham remotely, via video and audio connection either on your smartphone or your computer (with audio and video capabilities).

How do I join a TeleVisit?
On your smartphone or computer: Prior to your appointment you will receive a text message or email from Dr. Abraham’s office that contains a link.

Click the link in the message. It will take you to a web page that confirms your visit. It will also include a Test button that verifies whether or not your smartphone or computers video and audio supports Dr. Abraham's Televisit. If your device cannot support the TeleVisit then call
Samantha, Dr. Abraham’s scheduler, at 972-265-3396 or the main office number 972-867-0019.

Set aside a secure and private location for your appointment. Please make sure you have a stable internet/WiFi connection. Make sure you are not driving or in a public place during the televisit. Please place your phone on DO NOT DISTURB mode (done in Settings of phone).
Please have your medicines with dosage, including vitamins, supplements, and over-thecounter medicines listed or available for review.|

Dr. Abraham will text you shortly before your appointment time with another link for the TeleVisit. If she's running late her assistant will call or text you Click on the link in Dr. Abraham’s text message. Allow Camera and Microphone access when prompted. You will be connected to Dr. Abraham and begin the face-to-face TeleVisit. . If using your computer with a webcam, you can copy and paste the text message link into a web browser for the televisit.

When the TeleVisit is over, you will be disconnected.

Doximity Dialer for Patients Guide - Click Here

Dr. Abraham usually utilizes the Doximity telemedicine platform, but if there any technical difficulties, she may use the DOXY.ME platform. Doxy. Me uses a virtual waiting room, which can be entered shortly before your appointment time if you receive a link to this website:

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